Olio D’Addato Since 1910

Bisceglie, 1910. Girolamo D’Addato, great-grandfather of the current owners, founded the oil mill. the raw material comes from nearby lands and is transformed into a product that then takes the roads of the world.

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For four generations, we have been producing consistently and carefully a very high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
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Our oils are all of the highest quality and are exported regularly all over the world.
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Perfect Blend

The final product is a high quality oil that gives an extraordinary sensory experience.



Bisceglie is inserted in a favorable context to start an entrepreneurial activity linked to the production of oil. After about twenty years of work strongly oriented towards the qualification of the product, the management passes to his son Antonio, an enterprising young man, who immediately buys an alcohol factory and transforms it into a new oil mill still owned by him and partly houses the warehouses of the company.

The strong vocation in the production of oil, exclusively extra virgin, also infects the new generations who see, at the end of the eighties, Antonio and Michele assisting their father Girolamo in the management of the oil mill and the family farm.