“BIO” Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Lt. 0.50 - square bottle - 12 bottles carton box
Lt. 0.50 - bottle "D'Addato" anti-theft cap - 12 bottles carton box (other formats on request)

Biological Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Biological Farming guaranteed by the Certification Body for the ICEA Bio and Ethical Products and all the related certifications are issued after careful checks for compliance with the rules laid down in the Production Regulations according to the good Organic Agriculture regulations.

Name “BIO” Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Oil mill

D ‘Addato AgroAlimentare snc

SP 13 km. 13 + 400-76011 Bisceglie (BT)

tel. 080/3955731

Variety of olives used Ogliarola and Coratina – from biological farming
Olive production area Territory of: Bisceglie and Molfetta (for Ogliarola), Bisceglie, Trani, Corato, Andria (for Coratina)
Collection method Directly from the plant, by hand and by mechanical means
Time of milling olives 18 hours max from collection
Designation of origin Italian Product – ICEA Certification
Color Yellow with green reflections
Type of extraction Cold at a controlled temperature of less than 27° C
Acidity min. 0,15% – max 0,5% (limit by law ≤ 0,8) in the agricultural vintage function
Flavor Fruity, light or medium depending on the agrarian years

Panel test

At least 7

Use The Biological Extra Virgin Olive Oil (from Biological Farming) is an ideal condiment for each type of dish such as salads, raw and cooked vegetables, fish, sauces, braised meats, rustic soups and legumes.

Any deposit on the bottom guarantees the absolute genuineness of the product.