Quality D’Addato

Since 1910 we have been producing a high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained from the selection of the best olives from Puglia and produced in compliance with the ancient olive oil tradition, combined with the most modern extraction and bottling technologies.

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For four generations, we have been producing consistently and carefully a very high quality extra virgin olive oil.

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Our oils are all of the highest quality and are exported regularly all over the world.

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Perfect Blend

The final product is a high quality oil that gives an extraordinary sensory experience

Our passion

For 110 years we have been working with the same passion as always. An ancient value maintained over four generations.



More than a hundred years have passed: it was 1910 when Girolamo D’Addato, great-grandfather of the current owners, founded the eponymous oil mill in the town of Bisceglie to transform the raw material of the neighboring lands into a product that then took the streets of the world. After about twenty years of work strongly oriented to the qualification of the product, Girolamo leaves the baton to his son Antonio, an enterprising young man who immediately buys an alcohol factory and transforms it into a new crusher still owned but not home to the current company.

But the strong vocation in the production of oil does not stop here and also infects the new generations: at the end of the eighties, Antonio and Michele joined his father Girolamo in the management of the mill and the family farm.


Thanks to our enthusiasm, our values, our teamwork, we want to delight all those who, in the world, love quality and take care of their diet through the use of the best oil that nature, modern technologies and research of taste can offer.


We want to be, in our land, the point of reference for the culture and the excellence of the oil. We are an innovative company that offers the best products and that thanks to it grows and becomes the protagonist.

Values D’Addato

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of all of us of D’Addato is to produce, from the best olives of Puglia, quality oils in the variety Delicato, Fruttato, of Outcrop, D.O.P. Land of Bari, from Organic Agriculture and from Coratina monocultivar. Passion in work leads us to the preservation of traditions, respect for people, the environment and awareness that, in any case, the best quality must be accompanied by the best price through cost control. And for this reason our passion pushes us more and more to expand our borders all over the world. Boundaries that we prefer to call “horizons”.

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We love and respect the earth: a choice of life. We are in Bisceglie, on the Adriatic coast, about 30 kilometers north of Bari. Our territory is among the most prolific and rich in olive trees in all of Italy thanks to the beautiful location, the favorable climate and the centenary experience of our people in the olive cultivation. All this makes our land unique in the world olive oil landscape such that it has always been defined, the area of ​​the Extremissimo to underline that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced here has no equal in the rest of the Mediterranean basin.
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Olio D’Addato loves the land cultivated well, cured, chooses cultivation systems, harvest management that do not damage the humus, indeed, protect it. He works together with olive farmers for a healthy and fair harvest, because the land belongs to everyone, transmitting his knowledge, buying the best olives, in a total commitment of engaging collaboration between farm and farmer. These principles are the basis of the “sustainability” Olio D’Addato: economic, social and environmental that means starting from the care of the plant up to the oil on the table.
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we are convinced that the best quality should not result in a negative environmental impact. We are always looking for new solutions to minimize the consumption of energy to be discreet in our impact on the environment, producing part of the electricity with a photovoltaic system and the thermal energy with our own olive oil boiler extracted from the pomace obtained from Working process. We work closely with the best farmers to share the best working conditions while respecting the environment in which we live and the product we work.