Our Blending

Twenty-four olives, different qualities for a spoonful of oil and a unique pleasure.

Coffee Bean


For four generations, we have been producing consistently and carefully a very high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Coffee Bean


Our oils are all of the highest quality and are exported regularly all over the world.
Coffee Bean

Perfect Blend

The final product is a high quality oil that gives an extraordinary sensory experience.



The best olives from Puglia (Coratina, Peranzana, Ogliarola) for an experience that is not only about the sense of smell and taste. It is the ancient and modern Mediterranean humus that runs in the head and awakens the heart. We are in Bisceglie, in Puglia, on the Adriatic coast about 30 km north of Bari.

The splendid location, the favorable climate and the centenary experience of our people in the cultivation of the olive tree, make this land unique in the world olive panorama, to be defined the area of ​​the Extrissimo to emphasize that the extra virgin oil produced here by us it has no equal in the rest of the Mediterranean basin.