Charm of Apulia

Our oil mill is immersed in one of the most beautiful areas in the world. Bisceglie, with its charm is a gem: a historical-cultural heritage to be preserved over time. And our oil blends with the beauty of the area in which we operate.

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For four generations, we have been producing consistently and carefully a very high quality extra virgin olive oil.

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Our oils are all of the highest quality and are exported regularly all over the world.

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Perfect Blend

The final product is a high quality oil that gives an extraordinary sensory experience

Bisceglie, between sea and land

A unique city: the blue sea, the green of the area. A perfect blend to savor the gifts of our land and admire the beauty of our land in ecstasy.



Bisceglie. A real heritage within a context admired for some time all over the world: Puglia. The old city, enclosed in the ancient city walls, offers a significant historical and cultural heritage. The historic center is made of alleys and glimpses, typical of our territory and walking inside them you have the feeling of going back in time.

The narrow streets are dominated and supervised by the austere Swabian Castle with three towers. Norman churches and palaces further enrich the architectural context that makes Bisceglie a truly unique city.


The sea. It is certainly one of the strengths of our territory, with a long coastline that frames the beaches and coves to be discovered by walking and swimming inside it. Such as Cala Pantano and the Ripalta Caves.


Bisceglie is located in a strategic point. Within a few kilometers, in fact, you can visit some of the many wonders of Puglia, such as Trani (8 km) and Castel Del Monte (about 35 km).


Bisceglie is not only land and sea, but also history. In the middle of the north Bari countryside, in fact, it is possible to find the famous Dolmen della Chianca, dating back to the Bronze Age (3400-600 BC), facing east. The undisputed symbol of the city is a prehistoric megalithic monument that in 2011 was recognized by UNESCO, to underline how wonderful and unique it is.

Mario Cosmai, historian and writer, called him “the most perfect and largest among the ancient monuments of Italy and the most beautiful and interesting dolmen in Europe”.

Land of Extrissimo

A splendid location, a favorable climate and the centenary experience of our people in the cultivation of olive trees make this land unique in the world olive panorama. The extra virgin olive oil produced here is unmatched in the rest of the Mediterranean basin.