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The Blending

Twenty-four olives, different qualities for a spoonful of oil and a unique pleasure

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The Fruity
The “Fruttato” extra virgin olive oil is produced in our oil mill by cold extraction of the best Coratina olives for 60-80% and Ogliarola for the remainder, selected in the adjacent Bisceglie countryside, harvested directly from the plant and crush within a maximum time of 18 hours from the harvest.
The Fruttato has an intense taste, typical of our freshly pressed olives which remains unchanged over time. It has a seasoning capacity superior to other oils and is particularly suitable for seasoning bruschetta, meat carpaccio, legumes and rustic soups. But also in the preparation of sauces and braised meats.

The Delicate

“The Delicate” extra virgin olive oil is produced in our oil mill by cold extraction of the best olives of the Ogliarola, Peranzana and sometimes Coratina varieties, necessary to enhance the aromas and the natural preservation capacity of the oil that fades in the periods summer. The olives selected in the area north of Bari are harvested by hand or by mechanical means directly from the plant and pressed within a maximum time of 18 hours.
It highlights a soft, almost sweet taste with a characteristic hint of almond. The Delicate with its balanced taste is ideal for dressing salads with raw and cooked vegetables, fish and for preparing soups.
Olio delicato D'Addato

Olio D’addato since 1910

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A perfect blend of flavors and sensations that ensure intense moments of pleasure. Our oils are truly unique and each of our varieties perfectly matches the different types of dishes.
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The D’Addato oil comes from the best olives of Puglia, in the area of ​​the Extrissimo where the Extra Virgin Oil produced is unmatched in the rest of the Mediterranean basin. The taste is unmistakable.
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Our guiding value is the passion for healthy daily nutrition: for you, your family, for everyone who tastes our oils in all their nuances of taste.
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The ability to mix all the flavors of your dishes to give you moments of intense and tasty emotions. We are here for this, we are here for you. We are waiting for you in our online shop.